Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Readers Comments

I asked on week ago: Who will UMPC benefit the most?

The readers answered with some interesting suggestions that I hadn't thought of.

ctitanic said:

What about developers?
UMPC will allow them to take their code everywhere...
What about carriers like Fedex, UPS...
What about bloggers?

UMPC.sg suggested:

eBay users, forum moderators, and web site admins

chris thought that:

Artists. The emergence of digital art has made it necessary for artists to have computers. A UMPC is like a digital sketchbook where they can use whatever PC software to create content on the go.

While emil echoed my thoughts:

Students and the unemployed. I can't even imagine how much lazier I could have been if only the UMPC had been released during those sweet, sweet years.

I think the most interesting suggestion goes to chris as UMPC's might allow them to take their work with them and create wherever they are able to create the best.

Continue leaving your comments and suggestions as to who UMPC will benefit the most.


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