Monday, April 17, 2006

UMPC will be great for...

UMPC will be great for... pilots.

This is from geekzone:

It's a hot form factor for use in the cockpit. Laptops and traditional tablets are too big. Something about the size of a paperback or even a hard-cover book is better. There's a lot of software for displaying all the charts that we normally have to carry on paper. Instead of taking a couple dozen folding paper maps when I fly from here to the coast I just load up the hard drive. All the maps are georeferenced to GPS so if you have a portable GPS you can see your position all all the maps.

The other problem they solve are approach plates. It's not a problem to carry a dozen pages for the destination airport, detailing the instrument approach procedures. But if the enroute weather is bad it's a good idea to carry approach plates for ALL the airports within gliding distance of your route. That means carrying one or two big leather binders. But I can get them all on the hard drive, again georeferenced to GPS.

Last is NexRad weather. I get weather downloaded via XM radio (do you guys have XM radio down there?) to my tablet PC, which is overlayed on my route so I can see exactly when I'm going to get wet (or worse). And I can piggyback an XM receiver so I get 170 channels of music and news to play through the headset.

Makes a lot of sense.


Blogger BrettBum said...

Sounds like an interesting application for pilots. However the projected battery life of about 3 hours seems kind of short. If you are a pilot, I hope you have a place to plug it in and have hard copy backups of maps and such.

9:30 PM  
Blogger freitasm said...

The correct source of this article is Darryl's blog

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