Saturday, April 22, 2006

Details on Apple's UMPC

When Microsoft first announced something called Origami, nobody quite knew what it was. In the following weeks the Origami project became more clear since Microsoft was releasing new information every two weeks or so. The end result was a national anticipation as well as fascination with the new type of computer that was even more portable than a laptop. Well it seems that now the whole world has gone crazy with the Origami concept and to not so much our surprise Apple is getting ready to release their own version of a UMPC which means Ultra Mobile Personal Computer, or as many call it Origami.

Seems that now days Samsungs Q1 maybe the closet thing we’ll be able to put our hands on for it has been the first one announced. Well Apple even though keeping very anonymous with the whole UMPC concept, has filed patents from which it would suggest that it is working on a small tablet-like device with arc-shaped on-screen QWERTY keyboard and iPod style click wheel. In one word, simply a UMPC in the making. What is interesting about this concept though is that as most portable Apple products this on too will feature a click wheel.

Knowing what Apple is capable of, we might expect some great things coming out from the production lines of this giant. The addition of a click wheel will really make this one stand out and with a bigger screen the viewing will be much more satisfactory. From what is known now, this is only a concept that is yet to be officially announced, will apple make a UMPC? You better bet they will. More information abut this should be available in the next couple, of months.



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