Monday, May 01, 2006

Samsung Q1 UMPC Review

My exact concern again. Who is this product truly for. If they kind target this product, no one will but it. Here's the review:

All that remains is to figure out who should buy the Samsung Q1.

The corporate market will delight in being able to carry around a full Windows PC weighing well under 1kg, while home users will see potential in terms of it being a portable media player.

But when you consider the Archos AV700 (which has a similar 7in screen and 40GB hard drive) is available for under £400 and features far better PVR-style functionality, buying the Q1, or any other UMPC, purely as a portable media player suddenly looks less appealing.

Despite spending plenty of time with the Q1, we’re still struggling to work out what sort of user it would suit best.

We’ve pretty much discounted it as a rival to current portable media players and business users may well want to stick with their ultra-portable notebook - there’s no getting round the fact that a built-in keyboard is the easiest way to input text.

Regardless of our qualms, we’re still impressed with the Q1. It’s clearly the product of a huge amount of research and development, and Samsung has implemented Microsoft’s UMPC concept extremely well.

The Q1 will be available to buy in June with pre-orders being taken right now. When pushed, Samsung wouldn’t give an exact figure to the number of pre-orders already placed but said it was 'in the hundreds'.

No doubt it’s hoping this will show marked increase in the coming weeks.

We’re also soon to receive a UMPC based on a VIA processor, which we expect to be a fair bit cheaper – read the news story on VIA’s UMPC.

In summary, the Q1 represents the first in a new era of mobile PCs. It’s incredibly small, has all the functionality of a Windows PC and houses some interesting features.

We look forward to seeing future models from Samsung and other manufacturers.

But the question remains: does the average business or home user really want or need a UMPC? With Tablet PCs struggling to gain widespread acceptance, Microsoft and its partners certainly have their work cut out in persuading the market to take UMPCs to heart.


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