Friday, April 14, 2006

UMPCs Popular Even In Korea!

A few weeks ago, Origami was the hottest thing around. When the Ultra Mobile PCs were first revealed, people went nuts over the wonderfully portable design of the machines. While the excitement has dimmed down a bit in the USA and Japan, certain countries are still feeling the craze. For instance, Founder has announced a Korean UMPC model that is known as the Lucoms. While the Lucoms isn’t a revolutionary machine in any sense of the word, it showcases that many companies are willing to invest in this still untested field.

The Lucoms seems kind of like an average laptop in terms of specs, just made a whole lot more portable. For one, the 7” screen is way above anything that a PMP would offer you, but it’s still a lot smaller than any laptops. Therefore, you have the comfort of a large crisp screen, in a nice, portable package. The processor is usually what makes a computer, and this one features a Pentium M900. Once again, this is a decent, if somewhat average part for a laptop, but quite nice for something this small. As for RAM, there is an included 512 MB, which should make the machine capable of running all applications, save for some of the newer, more complex games. Finally, the user can choose between 30-60 GB of hard drive space. Overall, a solid, if somewhat unimpressive package. Nothing in terms of pricing or availability has been announced.

Founder’s UMPC is a pretty nice start, but it shows that the UMPC genre still has a lot of room for improvement. From what is being offered here, the average computer user should be very satisfied with a Lucoms, as long as it maintains a decent price tag. As more and more companies begin to develop UMPCs, we should see a steady progression of technology moving forward. If you’re more of hard core gamer, you might want to wait out until then. If you’re the type of person who just can’t wait to get their hands on a UMPC, the Lucoms sounds like a very reasonable purchase. Personally, I’m going to wait until these things are out on the market, and the true winners begin to shine. Until then, we have offerings like the Lucoms that stand as the solid, but average UMPC.


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