Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Michael Dell not keen on Origami

Computer maker Dell Inc. is not too hot about Microsoft's ultramobile PC, dubbed the Origami, Michael Dell said on Tuesday.

Noting that the company expects to grow faster than the PC industry, the Dell , chairman and founder said that the Texas-based computer maker is currently selling ultralight notebooks in the market, but did not say if the company was going to sell its own branded ultramobile PCs.

"We don't support all what Microsoft does," the Dell co-founder quipped.

Samsung, Asus, and other PC manufacturers have already launched Origami.

Origami is the next-generation Microsoft tablet PC. However, unlike its predecessor, the Origami runs on a full and not stripped-down version of the Microsoft operating system.

Microsoft has said that the Origami will eventually support Vista.

Dell stressed, however, that the company was throwing its full support to Microsoft's Vista, the new operating system that will be launched this year. He believes that Vista is expected to drive demand for better PCs once it becomes available.

Meanwhile, Dell said that the company was playing in the high-end PC market since its recent dramatic growth, thanks to US-based companies like Alienware, Voodoo PC and Falcon Northwest.

Asked about his take on this market, Dell said that the company was continuing its investments in the high-end PC space, but did not comment on reports that the company is considering buying Alienware, a US-based PC builder of high-end computers designed for gamers and multimedia users.


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