Sunday, March 19, 2006

Microsoft collaborates with Movielink for their Origami device

Software giants Microsoft have just recently unveiled their latest technology codenamed the Origami Project. It is a kind of portable computing product, which runs the complete versions of their Windows Operating System.

Samsung and Asus are two companies, which have already announced their products based on the Origami technology. The latest news in is that the company has now collaborated with Movielink, an online movie rental service to enable the users of Microsoft Ultra-Mobile PC to download films directly on the devices.

This is the first of many collaborations Microsoft is expected to enter to provide content wirelessly to the owners of this new device. As per this deal, UMPC buyers would be able to download Movielink content directly to the device instead of having to access the site through a Web browser first.

Sean Besser, director of business development for Movielink said in a statement on their deal with Microsoft: “Since the Internet has proven to be ideally suited for portability and a significant amount of Movielink’s downloads are already for portable use in notebooks, we believe the new UMPC platform will be a catalyst for portable video consumption.”


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