Saturday, March 04, 2006

Buzz Builds for Microsoft's Secret Origami Project

"Origami is a new category of mobile PCs that will run Windows XP," said a Microsoft spokesperson, who noted that the company will share more information on March 9, the opening day of CeBIT, the world's largest computer show, held in Hanover, Germany, each year.

The nature of the updated Web site and the minimalist hints from Microsoft have not stemmed the tide of speculation overtaking bloggers and gossip sites.

Although it is clear that the device will be some form of tiny PC -- larger than a PDA, smaller than the most diminutive laptop, and capable of running Microsoft applications -- there is no clear consensus on any of the device's other features.

If you read one news outlet, you'll find that the device sports a 4-inch screen and a detachable keyboard. Read another and you'll find an "inside source" quoted as saying it will have a 10-inch touch-screen, will support gaming and music, and will cost about $800.

At a third publication, you'll hear analysts speculate about a device that supports 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless technologies, along with handwriting-recognition capabilities and a battery that will last all day -- all for a mere $500.


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